Diabetes And Homeopathy

Dr. Medha Durge 2017-07-28 14:19:11

Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterised by raised blood sugar levels.The prevalence is worldwide and across all regions of the world.There are about 25 million suffering in United States alone which is about 8% of population and roughly 200+ million world-wide. Its in epidemic proportion.There are 2types of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 where body does not produce insulin at all or very small quantity. Here scope for homeopathy is limited and not encouraging.

Type2 (adult onset) is where body cannot process the blood sugar levels -there is scope here and this is where homeopathy helps.

Why has it Diabetes become such a villian and why is it important to study it.The simple reason is that its tricky since it does not involve only taking medicines -it forces us to have discipline and control.Both these things are most hated in mankind. Control over food and discipline in our lives.Boy, its messy.So you cant eat sugar--gone are the ice-creams,dough-nuts,pastries,cakes,chocolates,gulab-jamuns,syrups,yummies. Add to it rice,potatoes,starch.....And the doc says you have to MOVE. Excercise, swim, go out, sweat it..wheres the time and who cares-cant you invent a good pill or something ?

At every social event its a monumental task to avoid the stuff you love or suffer the guilt later if you gave in.And what a great ammunition in the hands of anyone who has a grudge against you-I am only asking you not to eat it since I care for you.

So you take your pills and dont diet or exercise. Over a period of time the pills pile up and the chronic effects of diabetes build up.It is spoiling your nerves, eyes, kidneys,immunity, metabolism, heart and just about all your organs. If by chance you are in those really stressful times(loosing a job/ spouse/ child) then the sugar can go so high that insulin inj will be required. Boy the mess keeps increasing.

There are many who say -big deal i can handle insulin inj.Yes you can but that sort of adjustment should be your last resort.If you have better solutions dont accept insulin.Go for self-empowering solutions rather than making yourself dependent on such inj.

I have seen many cases of diabetes benefiting with homeopathy.In many of these cases we dont want to dis-continue the conventional treatment but add homeopathy to assist the already going medicine.Almost all cases can be prevented from going to insulin inj.Thats great-I hate the idea of pricking one-self daily-its sick!

Another area is the neuropathies that occur due to diabetes -benefit from homeopathic treatment.Innumerable diabetic ulcers, foot infections all do well with homeopathy.Many times severe infections will respond to homeopathic medicines. Healing is hastened with homeopathy.Homeopathy also helps in prevention of dialysis when kidney gets damaged at later stage.

There is change in the quality of life with homeopathic help since homeopathy penetrates the deeper aspects of health and makes changes so that the bodys own healing process gets triggered.

Today everyone is asking HOW? I suppose that is left to the scientists to find out what exactly happens with homeopathic doses.There is concept of nano-medicine.I am a practitioner for 24yrs now and I can say that it has helped each and every case of mine with diabetes in some way or other.Homeopathy makes world a better place and diabetes a lesser villian !


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