Kids-Only Homoeopathy

Dr. Medha Durge 2017-07-28 14:05:48

All parents love their kids and want the best for them. Do we give them the best ? Are we ready to be patient, tolerant, and put our biases aside in order to give them the best ? In today's hectic world we are choosing easy options rather than right options.

So what is best healthcare option for kids and why ? Something that does not harm the basic-body structure, is easy to take, is safe and does not have side-effects and is therefore good for long-term health. Is it right to apply that cream and make the rash vanish so that as a parent you feel better or should you find out more. ?
Most parents tell me -i have an important meeting tomorrow -his fever HAS to get better. Now first the fever does not know you have a meeting-jokes apart-if the fever is malaria its not going to get better.So get someone to baby-sit for that meeting. Have patience to diagnose more about fever rather than giving fever suppressants like crocin etc.Easy and quick fix options are not good or advisable. We also see abuse of medicines in repeated complaints to say nothing of the side effects.

How does all this harm the kids ?
1) Like in fever since we keep giving crocin we dont know what the actual state of fever is -and fever is because of infections and hence we dont know if infection is better. Many times it may suddenly come up in more serious forms
2)Over medication has harmful effects on our body
3) Misplaced medication also upsets the expression of our body and hence we may have difficulty in diagnosing complaints. Expression of body is important to quickly diagnose and treat it.
4)Prolonged mis-use of medicines/drugs causes genetic changes which can be transferred to next generation.They in turn will have problems because of their weak genetics.Later generations will also have compromised health.

Hence it is important that we have a healthcare that is gentle and safe with no side-effects. Treating children with homeopathy is not easy -it requires lots of patience on part of parents, along with faith in system and trust in the homeopath.But it works beautifully ! Latest research (by AC Neilson) says that once a person has taken homeopathy -above 95% or so stick to it.Awesome !


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