Why do we sneeze ?

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Global climatic change is here and will stay in the foreseeable future.The changes are acute, rapid and varied.In my initial years of practice there would be few cases of allergy or sneezing.Now a days no matter what complaint the person comes with -he/she does have sneezing once in a while.This itself is proof enough for the massive levels of atmospheric changes.

Sneeze perhaps is one of the most sensitive index of atmospheric changes on us. Sneeze is a forceful expulsion of air from lungs through nose and mouth. This happens because something has irritated the lungs and should be thrown out of the body-natures defense mechanism. It is necessary so that the important organ -lungs -can be protected from particles that irritate/harm it. So if dust particles go in lungs we start sneezing. This inner lining of the lung is also sensitive to atmospheric changes and often produce phlegm.Production of phlegm is also lungs response to cope with changes so that it can protect itself.

The factors that can cause sneeze are many. Most common are dust, house dust, minute powdery material like talc-powder,spices.Climatic changes like sudden cold, cloudy, hot, humid,rains,snow. Changes in body temp like after swimming, cold showers, breeze.There is also photics -people who sneeze due to sunlight.

Sneezing actually represents two things 1) Your immunity -the status of your body to fight 2) Your sensitivity-the body's ability to get affected by stimulus.It is the heightened state. Sneezing is normal under certain circumstances but sneezing all the time or with even slightest of dust etc is an aggravated state and needs treatment.A few days of homeopathic treatment is all that is required. Often we see that untreated cases of chronic sneezing progressing into asthma, bronchitis which are also allergic problems.

In trains or buses I often see people making faces when someone sneezes-now that is silly. Though its said that around 100,000 germs are released in a single sneeze they are essentially not harmful. If your immunity is low or you are already unwell then only you may be affected.

As a homeopath I find sneezing a healthy body response-the body knows that there is something that needs to be expelled from the body.Ars-alb, Arum, Allium cepa are my favorite medicines for sneezing !
Achooooo god bless you.


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