Treatment of irregular periods with homeopathy medicine

Dr. Medha Durge 06-03-2018 03:09 PM

Irregular periods is one of the most common women related problems. There can be various reasons for irregular periods and homeopathy treatment has solutions to different types of causes resulting in irregularities in the periods. Before we get into the best remedies one can find for irregular periods using the Homeopathy medicine, let us first understand what irregular periods actually mean.

Most people have a major misconception that an irregular period is when a woman does not have the first day of her period on the same date of every month. This is not true. Period cycles vary from woman to woman. This cycle can be between 25 to 35 days. So there is no hard rule that periods must happen on the same date of every month. If the duration between your 2-period cycles aren't the same and are constantly varying, that's when you can say that you have the problem of irregular periods.Commonly seen problems are not getting periods every month so they get it once in 2 months or 3 months, or they get it too frequently like every 15days.Other problems relate to the amount of bleeding which can be too less or more, the number of days bleeding occurs(for some spotting can continue for 15days) etc.

In all cases of irregular bleeding, there are many causes and treatment will be accordingly. Homeopaths should conduct tests to find the cause. Sonography and blood tests are the most common tests done.Sonography will tell us if there are any growths like fibroids, polyps, cysts which are the causes of irregular menses. Blood tests will tell us about thyroid levels, hormonal levels. From these two tests further advanced tests can be done if there be the need or doctors think so.

The H4ALL treatment is at 2levels-first is to stop bleeding if the person is bleeding. There are medicines like Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris and Trillium which will stop bleeding. Second is the medicines to treat the cause -whatever the cause is(say thyroid).

It is also important to identify if the case is within the homeopathic domain. Too large fibroid - the size of lemon etc should be referred especially if there are pressure symptoms.

Homeopathy for the irregular period has worked for many women across the globe! Thanks to the "Root-cause-fighting" principle of homeopathy.Also, most of the allopathic medicines are hormones which ultimately are not good for health.

Here are some major homeopathy medicines that are recommended for women with irregular periods.

1) Gossypium

Gossypium is a homeopathy treatment for irregular periods when there is lack of blood flow in the patient. While many women complain about heavy bleeding, it may be noted that some women have very inadequate blood flow. This also happens to women who are anemic with very less iron content in their body.

2) Sepia

For women who experience extreme pain in the abdominal region and a sense of burning feeling near the vaginal area, homeopathic doctors suggest usage of Sepia. This provides relief to the burning sensation and fights the problem of pain. By using it for 2 to 4 months, you can see effective results. If you experience unbearable pain in the abdominal region, this medicine can be your "Go-to" medicine which provides instant relief while also gradually fighting the problem from the roots.

3) Pulsatilla

This is one of the most common medicines suggested for the common problems associated with irregular periods like menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, heavy blood flow. This medicine fights the problems associated with heavy blood flow and menstrual cramps.

4) Trillium Pend / Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris

This medicine is used when the patient is facing heavy blood flow that's uncontrollable. A patient feels dizzy and loss of energy due to the constant blood flow. These symptoms are not be ignored at all as it may lead to other more serious problems. If you're experiencing such conditions, feel free to write to our team of doctors about the issue and the conditions, our doctors will get back to you with the appropriate and timely suggestions.

5) Pituitrin

Is a good medicine-not to be taken without consultation - which helps bring menses in women.

Homeopathy can treat excessive bleeding during menopause and definitely try homeopathy before doing any surgery.


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