Top 5 remedies for dry cough with Homeopathy medicine

Dr. Medha Durge 03-03-2018 11:25 AM

The common cold and dry cough are the most common health problem that is faced by people of different age groups. For many people, these disorders or health issues are often recurring in nature and they just don't go away permanently. The medicines can help people stay at bay from these issues but only for a short period of time and not permanently.

Most of the dry cough cases show inflammation or allergy as the cause often triggered by external components like weather changes, dust, cold drinks, additives and colors, spices etc. The part affected can be pharynx, larynx, bronchus which get inflamed and give rise to a cough.

A dry cough is also seen in acid reflux or acidity caused by irregular eating habits, stress, spicy food.So it's important to know the reason for a dry cough.

Have you been struggling with the same condition where you have the need to see the doctor every week or every fortnight because of the same old problems of a dry cough that's recurring? Then, it's time you try the Homeopathy remedies for a dry cough. We at H4ALL try to find the reason for a dry cough and treat accordingly.Medicines are given for an acute cough and deep-rooted medicines are given for long time relief.

Here are top 5 remedies of Homeopathy for a dry cough. Read on.

1) Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is a homeopathy remedy that's suggested for a cough that suppresses breathing and often is accompanied by bursting headache. If your cough is dry, hot and so irritating that you'll develop a sore throat making you sit up every now and then, then this remedy is tailor.ade for you. It's available at Homeopathy4All but a prior consultation with our team of doctors is important before you decide on buying this medicine because only doctors can exactly locate the actual symptoms of your cough and they are the right people to recommend the suitable medicine to you.

2) Phosphorus

When you have a dry, thick, racking and tight cough that sets off by a small pinch of sudden irritation in the throat area, the best homeopathic medicine would be phosphorus. Phosphorus is given when the cause is acidity. It is also a great relief to your throat that's probably tired of coughing all day long.

3) Kali Bich

This remedy is suitable for a dry cough that's tough, shaky, very tight, yellow to green in color, very thick and stubborn cough that just doesn't want to flow out or let you sleep peacefully as it will disturb your throat throughout the night or early morning. The reason is the expectoration is generally very sticky and cough is not better till it is out. Hence warm water is often recommended for dry cough so that expectoration loosens and comes out and the person gets relief.

It's recommended only after the homeopathic doctors deeply study your case.

4) Natrum Mur

If you have a cough that's dry and is accompanied by a tickling sensation at the throat region, then this homeopathic remedy is the one you should be looking out for. This is also often accompanied by constant rattling in the throat area giving way for more irritation.

5) Hepar Sulph

The above conditions when also accompanied by chilliness and yellowish color cough, then Hepar Sulph is the best medicine for you. It's the homeopathic anti-biotic and a wonderful remedy for a cough.

6) Causticum

Its given when you have a cough with hoarseness of voice. Often needed for school teachers, singers.

7) Drosera

This is one of the most popular remedies for a dry cough. A continuous cough that is barking or choking cough.Its so much of cough person may vomit, bleed from the nose. Almost like whooping cough.It starts as soon as a person lies down on the bed, after midnight, talking. A cough is severe and the person feels chest constriction.


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