Obesity-related disorders are increasing at an alarming rate across the world. There are various factors that cause obesity - Unhealthy lifestyle, over-consumption of junk food, overeating, reduced physical activity, genetics and so on. While people still believe allopathic medicines are the way to go, few of them are getting aware of how homeopathy is a better option to treat these health hazards.

Unlike the traditional system of medicines which constraint the nutrition absorption or induce a sensation of fullness, homeopathy treats the root cause of the illness and not just the symptoms. We aren't saying homeopathy is a miradculous cure, but with a strict diet and consistent exercise, homeopathy will most certainly work for you! The very specialty of homeopathy is that it doesn't follow the one-solution-for-all approach. It works differently on different individuals!

Here's how homeopathy can aid you in shedding off those extra pounds!

1) Effective homeopathic drugs for different variants of the problem

Calcarea Carbonica is a drug prescribed for the most commonly found obesity problem - the abdominal fat. Natram Mur is a medicine suggested for fat concentration near the thighs and buttocks. Antimonium Crudum works for obese kids. Lycopodium is for people with chronic gastritis disorders such as flatulence. The point is, there are specific medications for specific type of problems

2) Homeopathic medicines are suggested only after deep analysis of individual problems

Obese people come in all shapes and sizes, literally! What medicine works for one would not work for all of them.Often the cause of too much eating is depression or a depressed state.For us, at Homeopathy4All, understanding the individual patient and how their body responds, is more important. We run a diagnosis of all your obesity-related concerns and rig up a prescription that is the best fit for your body!

3) Results are effective and consistent

In Homeopathy ‘ weight loss’ is not just about shedding those extra pounds using medications and later gaining it back as quickly. Unlike other forms of medicines that ensure quick results, homeopathy ensures long-lasting results. Because, as said, homeopathy cures the root cause of the problem and not just its symptoms!

4) No side effects

Encountering other health-related issues in the guise of losing weight is not what a patient who desires weight loss is looking for. We understand this better than anyone else as homeopathy is based on the fundamental principle of fighting the problem alone and not tampering any other organs of the body.Thus, you can rest assured that you'll face no other side effects with Homeopathy Treatment that can be  as little as acne or red rashes on the face (As a result of constant medication) or as big as indigestion, dehydration or constipation issues.

5) Different medicines suggested for different types of obesity

Homeopathy medicine is prescribed after factoring each individuals ailment and lifestyle considerations separately. Different types of obesity are associated with different causes and we suggest medicines that combat these causes and thus remove the root cause of obesity.


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