Taking over cervical spondylitis with homeopathy

Dr. Medha Durge 03-02-2018 12:49 PM

Treating Cervical spondylitis with homeopathy involves a uniquely designed treatment procedure that involves homeopathic medicines that are customized for full recovery without experiencing pain. Let us dig deep into this.

Cervical Spondylitis: What is it?

Cervical Spondylitis is a generic term used to depict wear and tear that affect the spinal discs of the neck, which is an outcome of aging. This condition involves changes to discs, bones, neck joints, and it worsens with your age. The genetic component plays a role since some families experience these changes with passing time while other families experience less of it. Vertebrae are those bones which hook together forming the complete backbone. Between these vertebrae, there is cushion kind of structures known as Intervertebral discs. These wear and tear that are age-related will cause degeneration of your vertebrae. It induces pain in those regions that are affected. If the nerve roots start experiencing a press, it could even lead to few symptoms of the compression of nerves.

What causes Cervical spondylitis

  • Aging – The aging process can affect your cervical spine. Changes may begin as 10 years depending on the wear and tear we put our spines through, It can lead to degenerative spinal conditions.
  • Injury - It could be a consequence of previous injuries, dislocation of your neck joints or even repeated fractures. Such cases will cause tearing of joints and structures like ligaments that are around your joints.
  • Strain due to the occupation - There could be an occupation that demands intense work, physics strain and long working hours, and these constitute the strain caused due to the occupation is chosen. This could very well cause the wear and tear.
  • Bad posture - The way you sit can also result in this problem
  • Type of body - if you do not exercise and are overweight, it could hike the chances of the condition.

Cervical Spondylitis: What are the symptoms?

  • Your neck pain would always be followed by stiffness. This pain might also get radiated to your occiput or shoulders
  • The headaches that are nonspecific, and occurring in the bases of the neck or the vertex
  • Might find it difficult to write and even experience weakness
  • Experiencing pain occasionally
  • In rare cases, you might experience incontinence and sphincter control, and might experience urgency of urination
  • One may experience a slight tipsy sensation or frank vertigo due to spondylitis while getting up in the morning or turning the neck abruptly.


How is it possible to treat Cervical Spondylitis with homeopathy?

The homeopathic medicines for Cervical Spondylitis like Conium, Syphilinum, Magphos, Colo, will offer you huge relief in the stiffness and pain, and will also hold down the disease's progression. Symptoms of numbness, weakness, tingling will also be improved. The range of your neck's mobility improves eventually as well.

Uniquely developed homeopathic treatment procedure would aid you in recovering completely, avoiding any sort of damage, and also relieving you of pain.


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