Womens Best Friend-Homeopathy

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Womens health should be one of the top priority in every home. Since on this is dependent lives of many others to whom she is mother,wife,daughter,teacher,friend etc.

The most important is the menstrual cycles and sexual development. A regular menstrual cycle is a reflection of good health. All menstrual irregularities can be treated safely and effectively with homeopathy.It is a good option especially in young girls with menstrual irregularity. However it is important to have the diagnosis clear and hence the understanding of pathology.So the reason for menstrual irregularity should be ascertained and then the scope for homeopathic treatment. The need for unnecessary hormonal pills that could have side-effects can be avoided.

In the young women many problems can be treated with homeopathy. Small sized fibroid, lumps in breats like cysts,fibro-adenoma , abscesses, boils can completely disappear with homeopathy. Vaginal discharges from fungal infections, dryness of vaginal, boils or abscesses can be treated. Acne chronic or acute -pus filled or leaving scars respond beautifully to homeopathy.

In young women pregnancy related problems like excessive vomitting, lethargy, infections (cannot take allopathy) can be effectively treated. Problems of lactation, cracked nipple in young mother are treated by homeopathy.

Besides all the other ageing problems homeopathy has good medicines for menopausal problems like flushes,thyroid, depression, weakness etc. Pain in muscles or fibromyalgia , joint pains, uric acid can be treated by homeopathy.

The more serious women related problems like infertility, cancer palliation, PCOD respond well. Homeopaths today use all the modern diagnostics inorder to prove their results and also monitor progress.In India homeopaths have worked to establish homeopathy as a modern science. There are no side-effects in homeopathy and the treatment is gentle, kind and wholistics with all the emotional considerations that are so vital to women.

Homeopaths and homeopathy truely cares for women. We understand the hyper-state, the high-strung state, the mood swings, the empty nest syndrome, the sleeplessness, the relationships gone wrong. We listen to body and mind and soul. Listening is the first step in productive help.

Homeopathy is a womens best friend NOT diamonds...


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