PCOS - Is it worth getting worried about?

Dr. Medha Durge 02-11-2017 01:24 PM

With PCOS you may suffer from unbalanced periods, unnecessary hair growth etc.Almost one out of ten women have PCOS. It's a widespread gynecological problem amongst teen girls and young women. Generally, it happens when LH found in the pituitary gland or levels of insulin found in the pancreas are too high, which causes the ovaries to create large amounts of testosterone.

  • Why PCOS changes the menstrual cycle of the women?

A woman with PCOS suffers an unusual menstrual sequence. Suffering from PCOS indicates that your ovaries aren't able to get the proper signals from pituitary gland. Devoid of these signals, you won't be able to ovulate every month. You may have an irregular period, or you may lack it permanently.

  • Why Acne & unnecessary hair influence women PCOS?

Acne and unwanted hair may appear on your face and body if your body is continuing to make too much testosterone. All of the women make testosterone, but if you are attacked by PCOS, your ovaries can create more testosterone than usual. Your Skin cells can be damaged and hair follicles may be extremely sensitive in this time.

  • Why do dark patches appear with PCOS?

Mysterious dark colored patches appear on the body in PCOS. Several teenagers suffering PCOS have higher levels of insulin in their blood. The existence of insulin in the blood can often cause dark patches on the skin especially on the back of your neck and underarms area.

  • How is the PCOS diagnosed?

Your healthcare provider will most probably suggest you go for the blood examination to verify your hormone levels, lipid profile, blood sugar and ultrasound test. In ultrasound test, the sound effect is used to create a photograph of your ovaries and uterus. Girls with PCOS habitually have little larger ovaries and may have many small cysts. In such cases, homeopathic medicine for PCOS are very helpful.

  • How PCOS and Infertility are correlated?

Although women with PCOS have a normal uterus and healthy eggs, many women find it difficult to get pregnant. In order to get pregnant, first and foremost it is important to get regular periods. Ovulation has to occur and eggs need to mature. The procedure of ovulation in women having PCOS may vary, as a number of women ovulate a mature egg whereas others face trouble to ovulate mature egg. For fertilization, Sperm needs a mature egg. Homeopathy can make your cycles regular. But occasionally some allopathic medicines are required to get the ovulation process to regularize and for the maturity of ovary.  Nevertheless if you have PCOS then fertility treatment is indispensable for pregnancy.

  • Treatment For PCOS

After the diagnosis of PCOS, in allopathic medicine, usually oral contraceptive pills are prescribed to regularize the irregular periods. But oral contraceptives have serious side effects and are not the desired mode of treatment for young girls and neither is it effective. Also, surgery is not desirable as PCOS may occur again as the underlying cause is not treated. Thus homeopathic treatment for PCOS is the best for anyone who wants to cure the disease from its roots.  If you are suffering due to PCOS, contact a homeopathic doctor today!


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