Homoeopathic Treatment for Frequent Colds

Dr. Medha Durge 02-11-2017 01:01 PM

When the burning spell of Indian summers and October heat is over, winter comes with a big respite for us. But those who have cold sensitivity really feel disturbed this time. Recurrent cough and cold attacks affect the daily life of these individuals during this time. This is very true for metro cities like Mumbai and even sister cities like Thane. To speak the truth it is not the winters but their sensitive body is the culprit. To recover very soon a homeopathic doctor can play a vital part in treating these individuals. Homeopathy offers that promising resolution of cold sensitivity problem.


We should depend upon homeopathy, not for few reasons but it works in a multi-faceted way.

  • Homeopathic medicines boost your resistance - make you stronger by improving your immunity.

If you want to keep yourself healthy it is imperative to acquire good immunity. It is evident from the modern thesis that the children who were treated with homeopathy were more likely to feel better than those who were treated conventionally. The curative approach of homeopathy enhances the body's resistance resulting better immunity.

  • Homeopathy can remove body toxin to present us a better life

Excess toxins may accumulate in our body from various sources. Some of them are the product of our unhealthy lifestyle. Others are from injuries, taking drugs or alcohol, cigarette smoking, breathing polluted air, taking drugs or alcohol, cigarette smoking, consuming pesticides in our foods, or by allergic reactions. Especially people from cities like Mumbai and Thane are prone to this. A minute dose of homeopathy can help a human body to flash out daily toxins. And if it is removed regularly it is very easy for one to enhance his/her own immune system. It is a proven fact that better immunity resists human body to be attacked by the cold.

Through homeopathic medicines, the period of each occurrence of cold, cough or fever and strength of the symptoms can reduce significantly

We all experience coughs and colds very commonly. Occasionally you may get gentle indications but often they blow us off of our feet for a number of days. You may get the perfect opportunity to test how homeopathy can assist to cut down the length and harshness of your cold indications, and recover throughout the process.  Aconite, Allium cepa, Belladonna, Bryonia, Chamomilla and Nux vomica are some of the homeopathy medicines very useful as a quick remedy. But you must consult a doctor at a homeopathy clinic or consult online to know the accurate dosage.

  • Homeopathic medications also check the cold from affecting respiratory area

Homeopathic medicine like Antimonium Tart is that leading homeopathic medicine for the healing of chest congestion. When any patient faces difficulty in normal breathing and takes a short breath to compensate, this medicine possesses the extensive power to repair difficult respiration even in babies. People who have a smoking tendency or associated respiratory illness may also use it without any hesitations.

  • Homoeopathic medicines for frequent colds also help in improving the general health of the patient which is affected due to the disease

Bronchitis or recurrent cough attacks are very common sign for those who have a cold allergy. Especially is the kids who are badly affected by frequent cold attacks and breathing problems. A slight exposure is enough to catch cold attack which can lead to breathing problems or even asthma. A Homeopathic doctor can suggest a very hopeful and an effective resolution to this cold sensitivity crisis.


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