Top Myths about Homeopathy

Dr. Medha Durge 02-11-2017 12:16 PM

Homeopathy is accepted worldwide because of its ordinary form. This medicine was invented in Germany and been utilized to treat different diseases. The treatment of Homeopathy is so popular because of its method of healing. Patients take this medicine as an amazing product that cures the disease of the root with no side-effects.

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Here we are going to convey you the Top 5 Myths about homeopathic medications and some acceptable facts:

1: Homeopathic Medicines work at a slow pace

FACT: The duration of action of homeopathic medicines depend upon the type of disease.

This is a myth that the medicinal value of homeopathy will be active if it is taken with a long period. But science says another thing. Infections are generally of 2 categories, severe and chronic.  Severe or acute diseases such as fever, cold, fever, headache, infections, and diarrhea etc, have specific causes.

With the accurate dosage of homeopathic medicine, the curative powers of the patient’s body are stimulated to correct the discrepancy in the resistance. It not only cures the main cause of the disease but also revive the normal performance of the tissues and organs. So, the healing action of homeopathy may seem to be slow but the outcomes helps patients get long term relief and curative effect. Today, various online portal share authentic facts about homeopathy and guide the patients to buy homeopathic medicines online.

2: Homeopathy medicines use steroids

FACT:  the practitioners of homeopathy do not use Steroids

Homeopathic medications are basically made from normal or usual sources such as animal products, plants, metals etc. These medications are applied in high dilutions to go through a process of potentization. This is very true that Steroids can provide immediate relief but patients are bound to compensate with serious side-effects, such as raise in blood pressure, weight gain, eye complications mood swings, weakening of bones, etc. Homeopathy offers a subtle cure without any side-effects. So now you can order homeopathy products online without getting worried that it contains steroid.

3: Patients should avoid foods like garlic, onion, tea, and coffee in the course of treatment homeopathic treatment

 FACT:  No need to stay away from garlic, onion, tea, coffee during the course

Modern Homeopathy has proven that you can take all the foodstuffs in the course of homeopathy.  A break of half an hour is suggested to maintain between taking the homeopathic medications and taking these food items.

4: Homeopathy is useless on severe infections

 FACT: Homeopathy can successfully heal both chronic/recurrent conditions.

The human body has its own power to defy various contaminations. But in the circumstances like a headache, fever common cold and etc, body's resistant system becomes weak. Painkillers and antibiotics can manage the acute situation but they are not capable to improve the body's own resistance. In contrast, Homeopathy takes every patient individually and recommends the medicines after the minute judgment of every particular of your sickness. Therefore, it is possible for the tolerant to get healed of the severe illness in absence of any side-effects.

5: Homeopathic remedies are ineffective as it is low-priced.

FACT: Homeopathy is affordable and is helpful for both human and animal body

Homeopathic medications may be cheap in contrast of Pharmaceutical medicines but this does not establish the truth that it is ineffective. If taken in appropriate proportions a small quantity of medicine can restore body's own inherent healing mechanisms. It is also the best part of Homeopathy that everybody can afford it. Even if the patient needs to consult a doctor they can avail the service in affordable price and buy homeopathic medicine online.


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