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Homeopathy is fast rising to become the first choice of medical treatment all over the world. It is called the "Medicine of Experience", because all homeopathic remedies have been thoroughly tested and proved on healthy human beings, revealing their true effects and manifestations.


Advantages of opting for Homeopathic Treatment

  • Holistic Approach: Man is a multi-dimensional being, having physical, emotional, intellectual and social components. And when he falls ill, it is logical that he needs a therapy that covers all these aspects.
  • Side effect-free: The action of homeopathic remedies is gentle and yet effective. The doses of medicines are less material and more dynamic, eliminating the possibility of unwanted adverse effects. Our belief is that the patient is already suffering, and we do not need to make him suffer more!
  • Curing from the core: When you fall ill, it is due to some cause, and until this cause is not tackled, the illness will not go away. This is the way Homeopathy works. It works by dealing with the cause and effects, so that actual cure can be achieved, and not just temporary relief.
  • Individualistic Management: Consider this: if 5 people suffer from an episode of headache, conventional prescribers usually go in for painkillers as the first line of management, for all 5 patients. But, a homeopathic prescriber will take into consideration the cause, symptoms and uniqueness of the individual, and prescribe 5 different remedies for each person. Every individual is unique, and Homeopathy takes into account this uniqueness while treating you.
  • Safer Alternative: Homeopathic medicines can be safely administered to pregnant women, old people, babies and young children.

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