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Eupatorium Perfoliatum: The Aching Body Remedy

The homeopathic remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum is made from the boneset plant. The fresh leaves and tops are used. The perennial herb boneset forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy eupatorium perforatum which is primarily used to treat fevers and flu as well as the symptoms associated with them. Boneset is a perennially growing plant indigenous to the eastern regions of the United States as well as Canada. It is found growing naturally from Nova Scotia to Florida and from Louisiana and Texas all over North Dakota. Boneset has a straight, fleshy and cylindrical shaped stem that is covered with fine hairs. The homeopathic remedy eupatorium perfoliatum is most beneficial for people who usually whimper with pain when they are ill and have a sensation that they are flowing out of their minds. Moreover, people who respond best to this medication are those who are prone to feeling nervous and restive and hope that they would still be able to be at rest. Such people may also have a feeling as if their bones are weak and not useable. In effect, the homeopathic remedy eupatorium perforatum is generally prescribed for people suffering from influenza or malarial fever that come together with aching limbs. Characteristically, the fever begins like coldness and subsequently it generates heat, perspiration as well as an intense thirst that is accompanied by soreness in the bones as well as intense restiveness. The other symptoms of this condition may include headaches that deteriorate when the patient is perspiring as well as vomiting of bile. In effect, all these conditions and associated symptoms may be treated by administering eupatorium perfoliatum.

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Homeopathy For The Heat

Certain homeopathic remedies help deal with the extreme heat that everyone will experience this summer. It is always recommended to stay inside the house when the weather is too heat. However, sometimes people need to be out in the hot sun. These homeopathic remedies will help deal with the heat. Be sure to drink plenty of water along with these remedies to beat the heat. Homeopathic Cell Salt Combinations - These remedies consist of 12 vital cell salts that the body needs to function. In the heat, the body loses these vital cell salts. Taking these cell salts help the body keep the vital nutrients in the body. - Take aconite 6C if you are feeling dizzy and have a headache form the sun. This remedy helps your body from the sun draining the body of its nutrients. - Carbo Veg 6C is used to treat stomach issues related to the heat. The hot sun can sometimes throw the digestion system off. Gas and stomach pain may be common symptoms. This person have feel low vitality and need to have cool air on them. If you do start feeling too sick in the heat, make sure to go inside in some cool air. Drink some cold drinks to cool the body. If sickness continues or if you suspect heat stroke, go to the emergency room.

Blog written by : Medha Durge

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