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Homeopathy - Best Remedy for kidney Stone

Homeopathy-Best remedy for kidney stone!

by Dr. Medha Durge   01-02-2018 04:27 PM

The sedentary lifestyle embraced by us has led to many health problems. One such problem is the kidney stones. Kidney stones, big or small, can heavily damage the tissues of kidney if itself untreated. The kidney stones problem is regarded to be quite a painful problem leaving your lower back and lower abdomen region in pain. The main reason for kidney stones is drinking less water. Kidneys can be successfully treated with the Homeopathy medicine and this article talks about homeopathic treatments to combat the problem of kidney stones.

Why is Homeopathy medicine the best for kidney stones?

1) Homeopathy helps in eliminating small kidney stones (up to 7 mm) easily

The kidney stones that are less than or equal to 7 mm in size can be very easily eliminated by using Homeopathic treatment. Kidney stones are especially very painful when they are small in size as they move about causing more pain than the big stones whose movement is refrained.

2) It fights the bacteria present in the urine and thus relieves pain

Often kidney stone is associated with the bacteria present in the urine. Homeopathic treatment helps fight these bacteria making the entire process of breaking kidney stones easy and less painful.

3) It prevents the reoccurrence of kidney stones

The top reason why homeopathy is the best medicine for kidney stone is that it prevents the reoccurrence of the kidney stones. It makes the body immune to urine infections as well by suggesting some changes in the lifestyle and with continuous homeopathic treatment.

Best homeopathic treatments for kidney stones

1) Lycopodium

Lycopodium is the best medicine for kidney stones that occur in the right kidney. This is often associated with the symptoms of extreme pain the back region until the urine is eliminated. The patients who require this medicine are the ones who have the extreme and constant urge of urinating especially during the night time.

2) Benzoic acid

This homeopathic treatment suits the best to the patients who have an intense odor in their urine. The urine which appears to be dark yellow in the initial stages turns into dark brownish color with the intense foul smell. Benzoic acid fights the bacteria causing the bad odor and helps in removing the kidney stones gradually.

3) Berberis vulgaris

This medicine is recommended for people who have kidney stones in the left part that is in the left kidney or in the left uterus. This is often associated with symptoms like extreme urge for urinating especially in the early mornings. The other symptom is feeling of numbness in the uterus region.

4) Sarsaparilla

This medicine is best suited for patients who have white sediments present in their urine. It is also associated with extreme pain while urinating and intense burning sensation in the uterus region after urinating. This is suited for people who cry with extreme pain because this medicine heals kidney stones much quicker and in a much easier way!

Some suggestions to prevent kidney stones:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid stone forming foods like beetroot, spinach, oyster, cheese and chocolates
  • Eat more lemons and oranges
  • Eat less salty foods

They were some of the reasons why Homeopathy medicine is the best to cure kidney stones. Remember that the kidney stone patients are more prone to being susceptible to kidney stones more than once. Homeopathy fights this condition and is the best prevention from re occurrence of kidney stones.

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